About me

Roelof de HaasAllow me to introduce myself. My name is Roelof de Haas and I am in my fourth year of the study Game art and development at SintLucas in Eindhoven. Bizarre concepts and complex designs are my specialties. I am an enthusiastic and autodidactic student who delivers high end fantasy concepts. I stand for out of the box thinking. Designing characters, assets or situations which trigger the imagination of the player are my goals. I am a team player and always deliver quality and quantity.

Gaming and visual art have always been my two greatest passions. The first game I played as a five-year-old was Charlie the duck, which introduced me to the possibilities of clever level design. I spent most of my days designing complex levels on paper, using units of 0,5x0,5 cm. These levels served as a testing ground for bizarre creatures which were designed to enhance the gameplay rather than being a standalone concept.




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